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What We Do

The BEARCAT EXPRESS offers 24/7 group operation to clients throughout the SE USA including same day URGENT Delivery. We offer 24/7 ground transport and courier service.

What We Deliver

The BEARCAT EXPRESS will transport just about anything!
BCX GROUND is ideal for catalogue printing deadlines, urgently needed machine parts, dogs that can't fly on airplanes, newly printed logos, medical & specimen deliveries, blood cord kits, bank documents, attorney paychecks, contracts, or urgent delivery.

Our Goal

If you have demands that your driver cannot meet on a daily basis, call The BEARCAT EXPRESS & let us help you meet your delivery needs. The BEARCAT EXPRESS is known for being trustworthy, reliable, & ready to GO with each & every load... One load at a time. Let us relieve your stress & keep your day moving forward while we're in motion for you. We are ONLINE & ON TIME!

What To Expect

With transportation industries becoming increasingly diverse the workload of companies has increased... Which means many more employees and giant delivery trucks.  You don't have to settle for missed pickups & late deliveries.  Don't leave your fragile valuable items to be tossed between giant mega company trucks.  The BEARCAT EXPRESS vehicles receive packages directly from you & then deliver them to job sites and work places.  When you call The BEARCAT EXPRESS you will speak directly with Blair & receive personalized exceptional customer service every time.  We are ready in a moments notice & always answer your call or text.

Keep in Mind

Need a package delivered to a client by NOON or MIDNIGHT on the SAME DAY?  No problem!  Call The BEARCAT EXPRESS team by 8:00 AM or 8:00 PM & we will have it delivered by NOON or MIDNIGHT.

* For package tracking: Text Blair @ (706) 533–4306 *

  “When you think of The BEARCAT EXPRESS, think fast forward, speed, & precision... All in perfect harmony.”  — T. BLAIR "BEARCAT" COOK
“When you think of The BEARCAT EXPRESS, think fast forward, speed, & precision... All in perfect harmony.” — T. BLAIR "BEARCAT" COOK
Bearcat Express van spotted at University Hospital in Augusta!


Bearcat Express
Blair & Chris (Little Cook) on Super Bowl Sunday 2017. Little Cook had the Super Bowl "Wiggle" better than Arthur Blank for 3 quarters.

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Mission Statement and Quality Policy

The Bearcat Express is committed to providing the best courier solutions available.  Bearcat Express will meet or exceed all of our customer's expectations in delivery of packages and valuables.  We will achieve this goal by teamwork and an "outside in" customer perspective continually grow and improve our processes.

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